by Nina Bläser

How it starts

~ September 2021 ~

I am a Breeder of Bedlington Terriers. But first of all I love this breed!

Under this domain I startet many years ago „“ as a Website for the Breeders in Germany but tried to publish results of dogshows all over the world. Unfortunately, I had to stop the work on this page because I had not enough time. But I had always the idea to come back.

Over the last years and especially because of social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. it’s getting more and more hard to find informations about Dogshowresults, Stud dogs, just everything that is interesting about the breed.

The desire for me to have a platform where you can easily find as much information as possible grew bigger and bigger. Because it means a lot of work, I have repeatedly postponed this wish.

Almost a year ago, however, the wish became bigger and bigger I took a closer look at it again. I've been working hard for the last 10 months to completely rebuild the website. However, with some setbacks. I often wanted to stop again. In the meantime I have mastered the entire structure of the website using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The website is not yet what I imagined at the beginning. But for the very first attempt, I am very satisfied and will continue to work hard on it.

The website is far away from being finished. I would be very happy when many breeders and Bedlington friends would support me in my work. And maybe we will all grow a little bit closer together. I would be very grateful for any suggestions for changes or ideas. Do not hesitate to contact me. Now I wish you a lot of fun with "Bedlington-Online".

Yours, Nina Bläser

Picture of Nina Bläser with her dog.
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